• Kanoe Riedel

7 Free Blogging Resources to Help You Blog Better (2022)

I spend all day every day working on blogs for creative businesses. Even though I’m knee-deep in the blogging world and consider myself a subject matter expert in blogging for small businesses, there are ALWAYS things to learn and ways to improve. Today I’m sharing my favorite free resources for staying on top of blogging best practices for your creative business.

This list is current as of June 2022.

1. Ahrefs

I wish I had discovered Ahrefs earlier in my content writing career. Thanks to their straightforward and comprehensive materials, they’ve quickly become a go-to resource for me on all things blogging.

Ahrefs offers an excellent Beginners Guide to SEO and a Blogging for Business Course in their Ahrefs Academy. Their blog is also jampacked with valuable and informative posts, from how to outline your content to keyword tips.

If you’re SEO savvy and looking to elevate your search and keyword strategy, they also offer paid subscriptions with access to powerful SEO, keyword, ranking trackers, SERP updates, and more.

2. HubSpot

Hubspot is a CRM platform, but their blogging education resources are fantastic. They offer a ton of eBooks and guides, as well as free courses and e-certifications.

What I especially like about HubSpot is that it offers information on various content marketing tools, like email, social media, and branding, so you can ensure you’re looking at your whole content marketing strategy beyond your blog.

A few of their free courses that I’ve found to be especially beneficial for blogging for business include:

3. Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is my go-to reference for the latest updates and developments in the world of SEO for blogging. The great thing about their articles and guides is that you don’t have to be a tech-talking, data-brained SEO expert to understand the concepts they present. Their explanations are great, and there are often helpful graphics included.

I’m a big fan of their webinars, too. A couple that has been super handy for me have been:

If your creative business’ blog is on WordPress, you might find Search Engine Journal’s resources especially valuable. They have a whole section of content dedicated to using WordPress to its highest potential.

4. Content Marketing Institute

I first noted Content Marketing Institute, and it was due to their eye-catching and value-packed infographics on LinkedIn. In time they’ve become a trusted source of data-driven guidance on all things content marketing.

Now, they’re my favorite source of industry news and the latest developments in content marketing. CMI’s articles always make me think and keep me on my toes. They’re a great mix of helpful how-tos, refreshers, and updates, and I always feel like I learned something in the several minutes it takes ot read one.

A few recent pieces of content that I think are fantastic for blogging are:

5. SEMRush

I first started using SEMRush when I was beginning to dabble in more structured and strategic keyword research - way back when I was just learning about blogging with a keyword strategy. Their paid subscriptions are more than most small business owners will want to pay for monthly keyword data ($100+/month), but they offer a ton of other valuable info that I think is worth taking a look at.

With a free SEMRush account, you can perform keyword research and track keyword rankings; You can also do competitive analysis, get SEO recommendations, and manage and track social media content.

6. Blogging Wizard

If you’re just getting started writing a blog for your business and are looking for fundamental insights, guidance, and best practices, you need to follow Blogging Wizard.

I truthfully could spend all day going through their content and learn as much as I likely would in a formal blogging course. That’s because their goal for their resources is to make it as easy as possible for entrepreneurs to make their blogs profitable.

A couple of my favorite recent postings from Blogging Wizard are:

7. Yoast

Maybe you’ve heard of Yoast. Perhaps you even have the plugin on your WordPress site and count on its handy SEO tools to review your content before publishing. (If you do, good for you, it’s very helpful). But Yoast, in my opinion, doesn’t get enough credit for what it can give you as a blogging resource.

The Yoast site is full of trainings, blog posts, and guides on timely blogging-for-business topics. They also regularly share informative webinars that are basically like attending a master class for free.

I thank Yoast for my earliest SEO education, frankly. I still enjoy refresher courses through their Academy and listening in on their guest expert webinars to stay on top of my game.

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