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5 of the Best Blog Topics for Photographers

Creative entrepreneurs are our people here at Polished Prose, and we have the pleasure of helping many photographers grow their businesses with blogging! From wedding and newborn photographers to family and branding photo pros, we’ve helped photographers ramp up their site traffic and get more online leads with impactful blog content. A huge part of that success is helping them choose the right topics!

Today we’re sharing five of the best blog topics for photographers.

1. The “How to Prepare for Your Session” Post

Whether you’re preparing your crew for an upcoming session with a family photographer or looking forward to your engagement shoot with your fiance, knowing how to prepare for your professional photos is an essential step for anyone who’s hired a photographer.

No matter what type of photography you specialize in, telling your current and prospective clients how to prepare is one of the best blog topics for photographers. That’s because it shows that you want clients to feel ready for a great experience. It also demonstrates that you’re experienced enough to know how to prepare clients well and can anticipate their needs.

So, what should a photographer include in your “How to Prepare for Your Session” blog post? Tips on:

  • What to wear: Colors that work well and don’t, suggested wardrobe pieces or the weather/environment, etc.)

  • Planning for your location: If you’re outdoors, maybe they should bring comfy shoes to get to their chosen spot)

  • Grooming: Suggested timing for haircuts, manicures, etc.

  • Timing: What time of day is best for indoor/outdoor sessions, how to plan for family schedules, etc.

  • Makeup: Dos and don’ts of makeup application for your sessions.

  • Travel: Any tips for getting to your studio or location

  • What to pack: Extra clothes, makeup, snacks, primping tools, etc.

Be sure to check out our blog on the top-performing blog formats for more on How To posts.

2. The “What It’s Like to Work With Me” Post

Let’s be real for a minute: The photography market is busy. It’s well saturated with seasoned pros, amateurs, and everything in between. It’s crucial that you find ways to set yourself apart in your industry. Sharing blog posts that highlight what’s different about you and working with you is a great way to do that.

I always recommend the “What It’s Like to Work With Me” post as one of the best blog topics for photographers because it gives you the chance to toot your own horn, in your own words. Plus, it helps clients understand what to expect from their experience with you and helps them get to know you!

Your “What It’s Like to Work With Me” post might include:

  • Info on your photography style and aesthetic

  • How you structure your sessions

  • Steps you take to accommodate and make your clients feel comfortable

  • Types of locations you like to shoot at and why

  • How a client can expect to feel and be treated during their session with you

  • Any must-have shots you recommend for your photography niche and why

  • What clients can anticipate from you after the shoot (imagery delivery, any special incentives you provide, or next-steps you take in their client experience)

3. The “How to Use Your Photos” Post

Professional photography is an investment for clients. Whether you’re a newer and more affordable photographer, or a more established and high-end pro, you want your clients to get the most out of the images you create for them.

Telling potential or existing clients exactly how they can use their images guides them in their next steps after a session with you. “How to Use Your Photos” is one of the best blog topics for photographers because it gives clients value even after their work with you is done.

When giving your audience ideas on how to use the photos they’ll get from their session with you, make the sky the limit. You can suggest:

  • Different printing options and resources

  • Popular ways to display their photos in their homes

  • Framing suggestions

  • Gift ideas

  • Seasonal tips (holiday cards and presents)

  • For branding and professional photos, ways to use their images in their marketing

4. The “Behind The Scenes” Post

You know there’s a lot that goes into every photoshoot you do, and that the work doesn’t stop when you put the cover on your camera! Writing a “Behind The Scenes'' blog post gives your audience an exclusive peek at the work behind the lens and how you create the incredible images they’ll receive from you.

Plus, people love feeling like they’re getting a peek at “What’s behind the curtain.” Showing your clients your processes, favorite equipment, and routines helps build their understanding of the care you take in your work for them and the value they can gain from your services. It’s an excellent topic to help you build your personal brand.

In your post, you might cover:

  • A tour of your studio space or workspace

  • Where you get your inspiration

  • What you pack for a photoshoot

  • Your pre-shoot routines

  • Insider tips on how you guide your clients through shoots

  • Tools, apps, and resources you use to plan for sessions

  • Your editing process

5. The “Why I Love Being a Photographer/Showcase” Post

As a photographer, your visual work is the key to showing your abilities and accomplishments, and convincing potential clients that you’re the right photo pro for them. A blog post that details why you’re passionate about your business and the clients you serve is the perfect vessel for building your personal brand and showing that you’re excellent at your job.

This is one of my favorite blog topics for photographers because it’s your chance to shine in many ways. Tell readers what led you to this business: The side hustle that grew wings or the lifelong passion you finally dove into headfirst.

Recount moments that solidified your love for your craft. Talk about lessons you’ve learned that have shaped how you operate today.

Here, the point is to give your clients a peek at the person and passion behind the camera, accompanied by examples of your beautiful work.

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