• Kanoe Riedel

Evergreen Blogs: Your Website’s Secret Weapon

Selecting blog topics for your business’ website requires a fair amount of strategy and a whole lot of knowing your audience. Businesses can’t ignore trending searches related to your products or services, or data indicating what your target customers want to see.

At the same time, some of the most important and SEO-boosting content isn’t about trending. It’s your Evergreen content.

In today’s blog, I’m talking about the importance of Evergreen content in your business’ blog. I’ll cover what it is, why it’s vital for your website’s SEO and your brand, and how to write Evergreen blogs.

What is Evergreen Content?

If you’re newer to content marketing, you might be scratching your head about what blogs have to do with trees. Trust me. We’re not talking about that kind of Evergreen. Evergreen, in the context of website content, is the stuff that is valuable long past when you share it. It’s content that doesn’t go out style and isn’t time-sensitive.

When it comes to your business’ blog, Evergreen posts are ones that contain content people will be searching for in the foreseeable future. These aren’t posts addressing hot topics or trends you see your target audience is interested in. It’s the stuff they always want to know.

Why Is Evergreen Content Important for SEO?

The biggest reason your creative business should have Evergreen blog content is that it helps your audience find your website.

Better Search Engine Rankings

Evergreen blogs focus on content that your target audience is searching for year-round and more frequently than they search for passing trends. When Evergreen blogs are written correctly, and optimized with the keywords you want your business to rank for, they can improve your search engine rankings indefinitely.

More Site Traffic

Because Evergreen blog posts are better able to achieve higher search engine rankings, they’re more likely to be found. And because they show up more often in search results for longer periods, they continue to bring traffic to your website.

Why Is Evergreen Content Important for Your Brand?

Crafting timeless blog content with Evergreen posts isn’t just good for your search engine rankings and website traffic. It’s also great for growing your brand awareness and creating future content.

Building Brand Awareness

Hopefully, you’re preparing your Evergreen content with a specific niche in mind. Knowing exactly who you’re writing for and what sort of information they want to consume will help you create valuable Evergreen blogs that your target audience can find. And they’ll find you in their searches.

That well-strategized Evergreen content helps to position you as an authority in your area to your readers. They’ll see that you are a source of useful information and insights on topics that matter to them.

Content for Your Editorial Calendar

One of the greatest benefits you’ll experience from building a library of Evergreen blogs will be your ability to pull chunks of information and repurpose them for different platforms.

Evergreen blogs are excellent for grabbing bulleted lists, how-tos, text quotes/quote graphics, and more. They’re an excellent resource for you to quickly reference when you’re lining up your editorial calendar and batching your content.

Alternatively, you can assess which of your Evergreen blogs receive the most traffic and potentially turn post sections into their own posts that take deep dives into supporting points.

How to Write an Evergreen Blog Post

Investing the time to write a well-structured and researched Evergreen blog post is worth it. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you go

Choose a Topic with Longevity

Evergreen blogs should feature content that won’t go out of style or change with the seasons. Think about the things your target audience wants to know about year-round.

Do Your Keyword Research

The most critical aspect of creating Evergreen blog content is making sure it’s relevant to your ideal customers. Research the keywords that your audience is searching for, and weave them into your content naturally but strategically.

Because many of the most sought-after topics have probably already been written about a million times, aim for including keywords that are high volume but low competition. Long-tail keywords, or search phrases with longer word counts, are ideal.

Do Your Homework

Evergreen blog posts should be filled with valuable and informative content that will give your readers the information they’re looking for and establish you as a credible source. Part of writing content that meets those criteria is doing your homework so you are writing from an informed perspective.

For example, to write this post, I outlined the points I knew would be beneficial to readers but also read up on approximately 20 articles about Evergreen blogs from reputable sources so that I could confidently share what I believe to be best practices.

Choose Your Format

While Evergreen content can technically be written in any format, these are some of the better-performing Evergreen blog formats to consider. Each one is linked to an example for your reference!

Create Impactful Visuals

Well-designed visuals are important to preparing long-lasting and engaging Evergreen blogs. When your posts feature impactful visuals, they’re more likely to be shared and spur interactions from your readers.

Different blog formats lend themselves well to different graphics you can include in your Evergreen blog. How-Tos and Lists are great for eye-catching infographics, while Case Studies and FAQ lend themselves well to quote blocks. Whatever format you choose, try to provide accompanying visuals that support your content and enhance the reader’s experience.

Use these tips for preparing Evergreen content that drives your ideal customers to your website year-round!