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Why A Guest Blog Writer Is Great For Your Business

As a small business owner or creative entrepreneur, you've put a lot of hard work into your business. You've done your research, polished up your website and blog, and have been active on social media. However, there are moments when you feel stretched a bit too thin or left wondering why a certain post didn't perform well. You've been engaging on your platforms and using proper SEO keywords in all your blogs, but it feels as if your content has grown stale.

If you're noticing this on your platform, don't panic. It can happen. And a great way to shake things up again is to invite a guest blog writer to create content for your blog. Now, the notion of a guest blog writer may seem odd. This is your site after all, why would you be publishing someone else's content? It turns out, there are a ton of great benefits of featuring a guest blog writer, including more web traffic, a spike in social media followers and engagement, and establishing authority in the writing world. Ready to find out how? Let's go!

What is Guest Blogging

Guest blogging or guest posting happens when a creative entrepreneur or small business owner invites someone within their niche to write a blog or create content for them. Some companies may even have a submission page for writers to submit their own articles, if selected, they'll be featured on the companies website or social media.

Oftentimes, inviting a guest blog writer or submitting your own work to a certain company will cost nothing. Most guest blog writers know that they are not likely to be paid for their work. However, what they get in return for their work is just as valuable as being paid.

Guest blog writer benefits: expands your network, builds brand exposure, frees up time, great or back lining, establishes authority. From Polished Prose.

What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging

So how is guest blog writing beneficial? There are several major benefits for hosting a guest blog writer and for being one. Check them out below.


As a small business owner or creative entrepreneur, being successful has a lot to do with who you know. When you invite a guest blog writer to create content with or for you, you are opening up a major networking opportunity. Your guest blog writer could open doors for you that you never thought possible. In the digital world, there is enough work for everyone, so working together to help each other succeed will only benefit you.

Brand Exposure

When you invite a guest blog writer or are asked to be a guest poster, you'll be getting access to their social media following and web traffic. Your guest blog writer will more than likely have their own website and social media channels. If they write for you, they'll share that content with their followers, which will lead them back to your source. Therefore, driving up your web traffic and social media engagement/following. The same can be said for your guest blog writer. You'll be tapping into each other's networks and gain great brand exposure because of it.

Frees Up Time

As a creative entrepreneur, you know that time is money and there are only so many hours in a day. Sometimes, you're so busy with maintaining your business that you just don't have the time to write a quality blog for your website. This is another great example of how a guest blog writer can be beneficial! By publishing their content, you've freed up time to get your other task done and everything back on track!

Backlinking and SEO

Backlinking is a great way to make your website more discoverable. Backlinking happens when a business or blogger publishes your content with a link back to your website so their readers can find you. As a guest blog writer for your website, having a backlink to your website is almost as beneficial as getting paid. Similar to brand exposure mentioned above, backlinks can help drive up your web traffic and your SEO! More web traffic leads to more sales and more money.

As your business begins to grow and expand, establishing your authority in the digital world is a must.

Build Authority

As your business begins to grow and expand, establishing your authority in the digital world is a must. By hosting guest blog writers, you'll look like a brand or business that people want to write for. The more people want to write for you, the more authoritative your brand will become.

As you can see, there are so many great benefits to hosting a guest blog writer, or by being one! However, there are some things you need to watch out for before you start accepting guest posting.

What to Watch for When Choosing your Guest Blog Writer

While a guest blog writer sounds like a secret weapon to leveling up your small business, you need to make sure you're publishing content that will benefit your business.

First of all, when choosing a guest blog writer, make sure they have written content specific to your niche before or at least something close. You don't want a guest blog writer that knows nothing about your audience to be writing something for your brand, it could ruin your credibility.

Along with maintaining credibility, you need to make sure your guest blog writer is a quality writer. If they're throwing blogs together that are full of grammatical errors, no syntax, and no SEO, pass them by. This is your brand remember, you have the right to say what gets published and what doesn't.

Another thing to look for is their following. The bigger the following the better for you. Tapping into their network is super beneficial. However, if they are writing high-quality content that fits your brand really well, but don't have a large following, don't be afraid to feature them. High-quality content without thousands of followers is still quality content.

This way you'll be helping their brand grow also. Helping out fellow creative entrepreneurs is a great way to grow your brand. As mentioned above, there’s plenty of work to go around for everyone.

Final Thoughts

Opening up your website to guest blog writers is a great way to grow your brand awareness, website traffic, establish your authority, and grow your network. This means that your brand or business can make more money. Having a guest poster is also a great way to save time and give yourself a much-needed break. Creative entrepreneurs work hard so rest is essential!

You can also learn a lot from your guest blog writer. You can get a better idea of what sort of content your audience is interested in and expose your niche to a different point of view.

If you want to learn more about guest posting or are interested in being a guest blog writer, send us a message at info@polishedprose.com! We'd love to work with you!