• Kanoe Riedel

How to Increase Blog Traffic (For Free)

You’re sharing valuable and engaging blog posts on your creative biz’s website often. Even better, you’re choosing SEO-driven topics that you know your audience is actively searching for online. But while you wait for search engines to catch up on their crawling, how can you increase blog traffic and start converting readers to customers fast?

Search engines obviously play an important role in helping your blog to be discovered by your target customers. But there are plenty of ways you can share and promote your blog posts to those same individuals and boost traffic quickly.

Here are a few steps you can take to ramp up your blog’s popularity.

Share More Than Once On Social Media

If you’re posting an initial, “Hey, I published a new blog” announcement post every time you share a blog - Congrats! That’s a crucial first step to getting the word out that 1) You have a blog and 2) You’re actively publishing new content. But I want you to think far beyond this post and make the absolute most of every blog with your social media content.

Anyone who’s chatted through a complimentary consultation with me can tell you: I have a bit of a soap box when it comes to repurposing your blog content. Think about it. With just one strategic and well-written blog post, you have a resource with valuable and branded text. It probably also took you a few hours to write, if you didn’t pay someone to write it for you. Why not stretch that investment?

The sky’s the limit with how you can turn a blog post into various social media content. Whether you’re pulling an impactful quote and making it into a graphic, transforming a How-To post into an infographic, or making a snappy TikTok or Reel with a List post, the sky’s the limit. Include a caption with a tease to getting more information by visiting your blog post, and watch the visitors start popping onto your site.

Head to our post on repurposing content on social media to read how you can turn one blog post into:

  • Pins

  • Idea Pins

  • Carousel posts

  • Reels

  • LinkedIn articles

  • YouTube videos

… and more!

Invite Guest Contributors

Do you have business peers who provide products/services your audience values? Invite them to guest blog for your website. Not only will your readers see that you understand their needs and wants, but your guest contributor can share their post with their own network - immediately expanding your audience.

For example, if you’re a…

  • family photographer, you might invite a local stylist to provide a blog on how to dress for certain seasons where your clients live.

  • website designer, consider asking a copywriter to write about how to pair copy with design for a high-converting site.

Ideally, your guest contributor’s blogs will hit on an interest you know your readers have, and your products or services will also appeal to their audience’s needs as well.

Tap Your Email List to Increase Blog Traffic

If you’re not already sharing the valuable insights you publish to your blogs with your email subscribers, it’s time to start. Your email list has opted in to hear from your creative business and at some point, those individuals decided that your biz is interesting to them. Why not send them the helpful or interesting info you’re pouring into your blog posts?

Whether you choose to send a simple email with an excerpt from your blog and an intriguing CTA to visit your site or add a blurb about your latest blog to your monthly newsletter, email is a great way to increase blog traffic.

By plugging your blog posts in your email marketing, you’re appealing to an already-engaged subscriber and simply inviting them to take one step further and visit your website.

There are even more ways you can share your blogs with your email list, like:

  • Talking about them in your automated welcome series

  • Create a series that covers a blog topic and pulls quotes from it

  • Send roundups of blogs addressing related topics

Check out our post on how to repurpose your blog for your email marketing for more!

Join & Contribute to Online Forums

From Facebook and LinkedIn interest groups to Reddit and Quora, there are countless online forums where people with shared interests can ask questions and share resources. These are prime spots to promote your blog. But before you go sharing a “Hey, check out my new blog…” post to any of these groups, consider using some strategy.

Fellow group members might not enjoy being slapped in the face with your blog promotions. It’s much smarter to engage and build your presence in these groups before you promote yourself or try to increase blog traffic.

Once you’ve exchanged some comments, asked questions, and started to get a feel for how fellow group members are participating, you can decide the best way to share your blog posts.

For example, instead of a cold comment advertising your latest post, watch for anyone who might be sharing questions about a topic you’ve addressed with your post. You can answer with a link and a piece of helpful info. Not only will the asker see your valuable response, but the rest of the group will see that you have something to offer.

Engage With Related Blogs

If you aren’t someone who reads or engages with blogs from individuals and businesses within your target audience, now is the time to start. Actively participating in commenting and starting discussions on your target audiences’ blogs is an excellent way to increase blog traffic to your site and build meaningful business relationships.

Start with the members of your target audience you know - The ones who you follow or subscribe to. If you don’t already, start reading their blogs and become an active audience member.

Where possible, provide links to posts of your own that might compliment or support their blogs. This will help get your blogs seen by readers who are interested in similar topics and bring more people to your site.

Get Customized Strategies to Increase Blog Traffic

Want more blogging tips and strategy for your creative business? Ask about our “Get Blogging” Strategy Sessions. We’ll walk you through creating an action plan to create a blog that will help you market and grow your business. Email Kanoe to learn more