• Kanoe Riedel

How to Repurpose Blog Content for Email Marketing

Email marketing should be a priority for any small business. It allows you to directly communicate with your audience, reach them in real-time, and share targeted messaging to build engagement with your business.

Email marketing is also relatively inexpensive yet can yield massive results: we’re talking $42 for every $1 spent!

The challenge for some entrepreneurs is figuring out what to say in their emails. By pulling content from your business’ blog, you can create emails that build brand awareness, promote your business, and provide value to the people you want to work with.

Today, I’m sharing my favorite ways to repurpose your blog content for email marketing. Let’s get started!

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are the first impressions your business makes with a new or prospective customer when they join your email list. They are an excellent opportunity to thank your subscribers, let them know what to expect from you in the future, and start your relationship with them.

Repurpose your blog content in a welcome email that demonstrates the value you’ll provide your subscribers. Review your business blogs to determine your most popular posts and reference your site analytics to see what’s gotten the most attention and engagement.

Then, provide links to those posts in your welcome email. This will help you say hello and immediately offer new subscribers content that is relevant and helpful to them.

Email Series

Email series are a great way to give your subscribers useful content and spark their interest in what you can do for them. An autoresponder series, or a sequence of automated emails, lets you plan and send an email series that focuses on a particular blog topic or theme.

The best part? You can create an entire series from repurposed blogs.

Email Series from One Blog

One way to develop an email series from your blogs is to take one comprehensive blog post and break it into pieces. The subtopics in each of the blog’s subheaders can provide content for one email in your series.

Suppose you have a strong Evergreen blog post with four to five subtopics. In that case, you can repurpose the blog’s introduction as an intro email, and then share a series of emails with the essential points and information from the blog’s subtopics.

Email Series from Multiple Blogs

Another way to repurpose your blog posts for an email series is to gather all of your blogs on a particular subject and create a themed series with one email for each blog post.

For example, I have several posts on my blog with tips and resources for small businesses who are just starting a blog. I could create an email series for my email subscribers who have expressed an interest in starting a blog, and send a weekly email with content from each blog. In fact, maybe I’ll just do that!

Standalone Emails

Hours of writing and research go into your business’ blog posts. You’ve spent time ensuring your blog topics and content will serve your ideal customers. Give those blogs the attention they deserve!

Send an email announcing each new blog post you publish. There are two ways you can do this.

The first option is to provide high-level information about what the blog covers and invite your readers to read the rest on your website. In the second, you essentially share your entire blog in your email and point readers to your website for more great content.

There are pros and cons to both approaches. By only sharing a portion of your blog or teasing its topic, you are focusing on driving traffic to your website by inviting readers to go there to read more.

In the second, you are giving your readers all the information they want right in your email, and hoping they’ll click through to view other posts or learn about your business.

Tips or Advice Features

Your blogs are full of your best insights and tips. Pull that content and share it with your email list! Add a “tips” or “advice” section or feature to an existing campaign or newsletter.

Review your blogs for ones where you include specific instruction on how readers can do something valuable (think your Lists or How-to posts). Then, summarize or simplify that information into a brief set of tips or advice, giving readers a quick and helpful takeaway from your email.


Roundups are an excellent format for sharing and repurposing your blog content, even older posts, in an email to your target customers.

Select a theme or umbrella topic for your roundup email. Then, choose several of your blog posts that fall under it. In your email, include a list of your selected blogs and link them to the full posts.

You might consider sending roundup emails monthly or quarterly, depending on the frequency with which your business publishes blogs. While you can offer an introductory paragraph followed by a brief list of related blogs, why not have some fun with your roundup email design?

Consider including a brief excerpt from each blog on the list with a relevant and interesting image. You could also pull infographics or other helpful visuals for each blog.

Newsletter Blurbs

If your business sends a weekly or monthly newsletter with timely updates and resources for your existing and prospective customers, your recent blogs let you add even more value to what you’re sharing.

Share an excerpt or overview from your blog, outline or list the most essential concepts, and direct readers to visit the blog on your website to read it in its entirety.

As you prepare your email marketing strategy and consider what content to include, be sure to tap into your existing, quality blog content!

Try these suggestions, or put on your creative hat and see what other ways you might be able to share the valuable information from your blogs with your readers.

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